Badminton Racket


Turbo charging Z Combat

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Badminton Racket


Turbo charging Z Combat



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The Li-Ning Turbocharging Z is a top gun that promises fast-paced gameplay. The Turbocharging Z racket features a trapezoidal frame construction for aerodynamic efficiency. This allows you to generate strong and fast swing motions and return the shuttlecock with ease and grace. The racket has been engineered to perfection by devising Dynamic Optimum Frame, MPCF Reinforcing, and Stabilized Torsion Angle technologies.This is a COMBAT Series racket featuring a heavier head and higher balance point which in turn allows for maximum power generation. This series is a perfect match for players who swear by their aggressive gameplay and want absolute power domination.

Product Range

Turbo Charging

Player Type


Player Level



85 grams

Balance Point

303 mm


Head Heavy

Shaft Flexibility


Racket Grip Size


Maximum Racket Tension

≤ 30 LBS (pounds)


Carbon Fibre

Frame Shape

Dynamic Optimum Frame

Turbo Charging Z

Turbo Restoration

The Li-Ning Turbo Charging Z badminton racket comes engineered with Stabilized Torsion Angle technology. This is a cutting-edge technology that increases the torsion resistance capacity of the racket. The frame of the racket has faster stabilization and restoration capacity, making the attack more effective.


The Turbo Charging Z badminton racket is an ultra smasher racket, thanks to its Dynamic Optimum Frame construction. It has an enlarged sweet spot that considerably improves the hitting velocity.

Attack & Defence

The Li-Ning Turbo Charging Z racket is designed and crafted for perfect attack & defence. To achieve this, the racket has been architectured with a special high-tech Aerodynamic design which improves Aerodynamic performance during both, smashes and lifts.