Unbinding Bendability

Let the frame's flexibility take care of all ebbs and flows as you run with the course of the game through every twist and turn.

For the restless athlete - We go full circle

Your capabilities are powered by your persistence. Find your chain-link strength powered by our technologically equipped rackets for high performance in every game.

Grow as you go through the cycles of the game

In difficult times, you learn to rediscover how outrageous your power can be. Your strength then lies in your unique use of your power tools.

Sharpness Accelerated

Get ready for all the in the moment balance, shake-restrain & rebound motion control for that precise moment when you need to hit the winning strike.

Thunderbolt Cloud Technology

Our powerful concoction of racket technology masterfully crafts the best racket with Cubic locking, UHB Shaft & TB Nanotechnology that allows tension upto 32lbs

Pure daring. Pure power.

Bold strokes for bold folks. Join the force to unleash your tectonic power.