New Life. Less Waste.

Every Li-Ning product that exhibits a cosmetic flaw undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process, including complete functional testing and comes with special savings.

How we refurbish rackets

Step 1

Our Studio Pros carefully inspect and test the rackets' structural integrity. Rackets that exhibit any performance defect are rejected and destroyed.

Step 2

The Studio Pros will carefully remove the strings and perform a sanitization of the racket shaft, handle, and head.

Step 3

A Studio Pro will replace every replaceable grommet on the racket and install a brand-new grip before shipping it to you.

How we refurbish Shoes

Step 1

A Studio Pro will carefully wipe down, clean, and disinfect the shoe, including the Outsole, Midsole, Upper and Insole.

Step 2

The Studio Pro will carefully inspect all the core performance portions of the shoe for any defects. Any pair that exhibit any signs of performance wear is rejected and destroyed.

Step 3

The Studio Pro will then carefully pack your new pair of badminton shoes to ensure your shoes aren't damaged by shipping.

Refurbished gear creates 80% less waste.

Policy and Disclaimer Content


Customers can return a product within 3 days of its receipt, provided it is in the same condition that it was received in.


No warranty on refurbished products

Genuine Product:

We do not sell products that fail our structural integrity tests. All Rackets and shoes undergo thorough quality checks. The qualities and cosmetic flaws of each product can be found under each product’s description. We are the authorised retailers of the brand and engage directly with the authorised distributor.


Which Products Are Eligible For Refurbishment?

Li-Ning products that exhibit cosmetic blemishes or small surface flaws are eligible for refurbishment. All products are then inspected, graded and refurbished by hand by a team of experts. Products that fail the quality check are discarded.

Can I Bring My Used Products To Be Refurbished?

Not at this time.