Badminton Racket

Windstorm 79 H

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Badminton Racket

Windstorm 79 H



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Li-Ning Windstorm 79H is the fiery new addition to the Windstorm collection powered by Superlight technology. This is the slim ultralight hard shaft racket for advanced players who like to hit hard and precisely. The Windstorm project creates new lightweight advancements for powerful strikes made for those who love to keep going hard. Players looking for rapid reaction times and fast swing speeds will enjoy this racket. This racket empowers you to generate a great amount of power if you max out the string tension at 30 lbs. This premium racket also provides great control and accuracy for players to develop badminton skills and racket swing techniques.

Product RangeWindstorm
Player TypeAttacking
Player LevelProfessional
Weight79 grams
Shaft FlexibilityStiff
Maximum Racket Tension30 LBS (pounds)
MaterialCarbon Graphite
Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame
Shaft Thickness (mm)7

Windstorm - The duality of windspeed & airpower

Super Light Technology

Li-Ning’s Unique Super Lightweight technology ensures reduced air resistance and enhanced swing speed. This means your swing will be more sensitive, controlled, and flexible, giving you the power to make timed and stealthy strikes on the court.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame

To reinstate your prowess, achieve consistent high-velocity hits with the racket’s dynamic optimum frame, re-engineered to give you increased bounce strength and higher shot power by enlarging the racket’s sweet spot.

Ultra Carbon

The racket is built with Ultra-strong material in order to increase its strength and rigidity. This avoids frame deformation and twisting and provides a highly stable and accurate attack point.