Badminton Racket

Windstorm 72S

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Badminton Racket

Windstorm 72S



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Product RangeWindstorm 72S
Player TypeAttacking
Player LevelProfessional
Weight72 grams
Balance Point315 mm
BalanceHead Heavy
Shaft FlexibilityFlexible
Racket Grip SizeS1
Maximum Racket Tension≤ 30 LBS (pounds)
MaterialCarbon Fibre
Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

Windstorm 72S

Super Light Technology

The racket is devised with super light technology to reduce air resistance and enhance swing speed. This means your swing will be more sensitive, controlled, and flexible, giving you the power to make timed and stealthy strikes on the court.

UHB Shaft

Cutting-edge technology combined with actual data collected from players’ practice is used for optimising the shaft’s performance by ergonomics. Through this process, the racket shaft’s frontal point improves your smash performance significantly.

TB NanoTechnology

The racket strength is optimised to provide powerful strikes. Nanotechnology combines carbon fibre and resin more closely to improve elasticity and durability giving extra stability to every strike.