Badminton Racket


Turbo X III

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Badminton Racket


Turbo X III



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Li-Ning Turbo X III is a riptide that amplifies your turbulent power like the currents of the sea. Its dynamically optimized head-heavy frame and binding technology give you powerful strikes and faster swings like a strong rip current that flows outwards from the source, causing a disturbance with every hit and strike.

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Turbo X

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Carbon Fibre

Frame Shape

Dynamic Optimum Frame

Shaft Thickness (mm)


Faster Swings

Using the Aerotec Beam system, the racket is built with an extremely low drag coefficient to ensure faster swings and high intensity to optimize the players' performance in every shot.

Powerful Strikes

TB Nanometer technology combines carbon fiber and resin more closely, to provide better elasticity, stability and durability, to bring you more power in every strike.

Maximum Force Transmission

The high tensile slim shaft effectively balances rebound and anti-torsion movement with unique elastic material and craftwork to accurately transmit power & execute a powerful play.

Dynamic Optimized Frame

The racket frame is engineered to enlarge the sweet spot of the racket, allowing more consistent & higher hitting velocity and increased bounce strength without sacrificing durability.