Turbo Charging 80


The Li-Ning Turbo Charging 80 is a premium racket that provides badminton players with a perfect blend of performance and power. This dynamic racket features a stiff shaft and a head heavy design for rapid repulsion power and powerful stroke play.Made using Ultra Carbon technology, this racket offers higher strength, rigidity, and stability. Trapezoidal frame construction technology is used to facilitate the generation of strong and fast swings. Primarily made for attacking gameplay, this racket could be your perfect companion if you are looking to up your aggression quotient.

Product RangeTurbo Charging

Player TypeAttacking

Player LevelProfessional

Weight87 grams

Balance Point308 mm

BalanceHead Heavy

Shaft FlexibilityStiff

Shaft Thickness7

Racket Grip SizeS2

Maximum Racket Tension32 LBS (pounds)

MaterialCarbon Fibre

Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

Product Type
badminton racket / AYPQ144-4