No. 3


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The No.3 string from Li-Ning delivers a unique 'Repulsion Power' and flaunts an 'Ultra Thin Gauge'', which means that the diameter of the string is extremely small (0.63 mm), effectively, delivering a power-packed performance. The string comprises two components, the core, and the outer layer. The core is made of thousands of strands wounded together to provide you with a heat resistant and high-intensity string, the string is meant for power and durability. The outer layer is also made of heat resistant and high-intensity nylon, which ensures that tension is evenly spread throughout the racket. Finally, this string has the unique capacity to redirect and snap back for that extra mile in your shots, moreover, it offers good repulsion and that crisp hitting sound which every player desires.

Player LevelProfessional



Hitting Sound10/10

Repulsion Power10/10

Shock Absorption8/10

Core MaterialHeat Resistant & High Intensity Nylon Multi-Filament

Outer MaterialUltra Fine Heat Resistant & High Intensity Nylon

Product Type
badminton string / AXJK012 / 984

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₹599.00 (incl. taxes)