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Halberd 3 Lite

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Halberd 3 Lite



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In an intense sport like Badminton, cushioning, ankle support, and traction are super important. The Li-Ning Halberd Lite 3 delivers exactly what's needed to help players excel on offense and defense. Designed to look as comfortable as it feels, this non-marking badminton shoe has plush, energy-returning foam to help keep you fresh through your sets. The shoe has been devised with Tuff Tip, Probar Loc, Cloud Technology to further bolster its performance.


320 grams

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Halberd 3 Lite

Cloud Tech

The Halberd 3 Lite slows down impact like no other. The midsole is made using a special high polymer material that provides full feet cushioning and high rebound. All in all, you get to enjoy continued resilience in a cycle.

Superb Performance

The Li-Ning Halberd 3 Lite is engineered with Probar Loc technology that provides superior midfoot protection, stability, and support with each step, helping reduce fatigue and maintain a high level of athletic performance.

Rough & Tough

The Halberd 3 Lite will help you stay ahead of your opponent and continue your fight without any worry. Tuff Tip technology is devised in the toe area, making way for unmatched abrasion. So, you can stop worrying about the early wear and tear of the shoe.