G-Force Superlite Max 10

₹2,890.00₹5,690.00(49% off)


G-Force Superlite Max 10

₹2,890.00₹5,690.00(49% off)


G-Force Superlite Max 10

₹2,890.00₹5,690.00(49% off)


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Superlite rackets are made with superstrong ultralight carbon fibre that improves the frame strength & rigidity and enhances your swing speed. This racket has a full carbon build right from the frame, shaft, and cap to the grip. The use of compressed groove technology helps you steer the racket effortlessly, placing precise motion control in the hands of the athlete.

Product RangeG-Force

Player TypeAttacking

Player LevelProfessional

Weight80 grams

BalanceHead Heavy

Shaft FlexibilityFlexible

Shaft Thickness7

Racket Grip SizeG6

Maximum Racket Tension28 LBS (pounds)

MaterialCarbon Fibre

Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

G-Force Max 10 - Superlite

Ultralite Carbon

The racket is made of ultra-strong lightweight material with higher strength and rigidity. Li-Ning’s unique ultralite carbon reduces air resistance and enhances swing speed. Your swing will be more sensitive and flexible

Nano Power Frame

The carbon fiber and resin are latticed together using the nano-power system to create an elastic and durable frame. This system generates ultra toughness and evenly distributes the racket’s sweet spot even under higher string tensions placing unparalleled control in the hands of the athlete

Ultraprecise Motion Control

The racket is devised with Li-Ning’s cutting-edge Compressed Groove Technology that allows you to make the most of its Head Heavy Profile by reducing Air-Drag and enabling you to steer the racket effortlessly