Badminton Racket


BladeX 200 - 3U

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Badminton Racket


BladeX 200 - 3U



(33% off)


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The BladeX 200 has been expertly crafted for refined movement control and smooth swings. A sign of the times with its sonic boom frame technology and high carbon material proficiency makes it a player’s ultimate choice for supreme dominance. Add the cutting-edge eminence to your game with Li-Ning Studio’s prime genre of top gun ammo.

Product RangeBladeX
Player TypeDefensive
Player LevelProfessional
BalanceHead Light
Shaft Thickness (mm)6.8
Shaft FlexibilityStiff
Racket Grip SizeG5
Maximum Racket Tension≤ 27 LBS (pounds)
Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame
MaterialCarbon Fibre

Sonic Boom System

The racket uses cutting-edge technology to optimize the air pressure formation process to enhance the racket’s striking sound. This gives every hit and smash a fast delivery speed, crisp sound, and strong sound effects.

Wing Stabilizer

Li-Ning uses aviation technology to control frame restoration precisely and restrain shakes resulting from vibration waves. The Li-Ning Wing Stabilize system could improve the anti-torsion performance and bring a quick, exact and stable second stroke.

High Carbon

Li-Ning’s new Blade X 200 is devised with high carbon fiber to achieve the ultimate lightweight racket with easy control for smooth swinging action and precise movement.