Badminton Racket

Axforce 50 - 5U

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Badminton Racket

Axforce 50 - 5U



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The Li-Ning Axforce 50 is everything you need for your attack strategy. Right from the material TB Nanotechnology to its make, Box Wing frame, HDF shock absorption and the sleek 6.8mm soft flexible shaft, it is devised to be the best weapon for outrageous gameplay. 

Product RangeAxforce
Player TypeAttacking
Player LevelProfessional
Weight79 grams
Balance Point304 mm
BalanceHead Heavy
Shaft FlexibilityFlexible
Shaft Thickness (mm)6.8
Racket Grip SizeG5
Maximum Racket Tension28 LBS (pounds)
MaterialCarbon Fibre
Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

Axforce 50 - Wings for super swings

Box Wing Frame

The racket head is built with a unique box frame to reduce the drag coefficient caused by the racket’s swinging motion allowing it to generate higher shuttle speeds and boost your power swings. This frame stabilizes racket motion and enables greater force for your shots, giving you efficient strikes.

Swing Weight Head Heavy

Using the specially devised Li-Ning Swing Weight technology, the Axforce 50 is engineered to enable all the swinging energy from the racket to be directly transferred into your shots, making them more offensive and lethal.

Flexible Shaft

The shaft of the Axforce 50 is forged to provide greater efficiency while flexing your smashes and defence strikes. Designed with high carbon for a tensile & flexible finish, the sleek 6.8mm shaft is optimised for better smash defence. This aids the longer bending moment and returns to boost your shot power.