Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a badminton racket?

Please refer to our racket buying guide. You can also contact our support team for personal assistance with choosing a racket through a call or message.

How to choose badminton shoes?

The main factors to consider while selecting a badminton shoe are weight, grip, durability, comfort and support. You can find the shoe features mentioned along with the product in our shoes section. If you have any specific needs like wide feet, cushioning, and more we have shoes that cater to these needs. You can also contact our support team for personal assistance with choosing badminton shoes.

Which badminton string should I use?

Please refer to our badminton strings guide to know more. If you are a beginner, opt for No. 7 Boost for optimum durability as you practice your technique and skills. Advanced players can opt for repulsion strings, durable strings or balanced strings based on their playing style and preference.

What is the grip size of the racket?

All grips come in a standard length of 1100mm & width of 25mm. The difference lies in grip size, which is the racket's grip circumference. Racket specifications mention grip size. Here are the standard grip sizes.

Grip sizeCircumference

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer Free Delivery for orders above ₹500 and COD options for orders from ₹500 to ₹4500.

How do I track my order?

Once we ship your order, the tracking link will be shared via email.

There was an error while completing the payment and the amount is debited from my account/card. Help!?

Don't worry! On rare occasions, transactions can fail because of network issues between the Payment Gateways and the banks or your card operators. This may also happen if the Payment Gateway is experiencing high volumes as well. Your money is absolutely safe and will either reach us or be refunded back to you by your bank.

What happens if Li-Ning Studio does receive the payment after a transaction error?

Our customer team reconciles received payments and will manually process your order on the next working day. You will receive an order confirmation e-mail once this happens. In case you experience an error during your transaction you can mail us at with the payment ID, and we'll be happy to help you out. Again, your payment is absolutely safe, so don't worry.

What is your Returns Policy?

Please check out our detailed Returns Policy for more information.

How do I request for return or exchange?

Please send us an email at with your order number, the reason for the order return or exchange and pictures of the product from all angles with the tag intact.

Can I return some products out of a larger order?

Yes, you can return a part of an order, but any discounts, coupons, or combo offers applied to your order will not be considered when processing these returns.

Can I get any Discounts?

All Li-Ning products are offered at the best price. Additional discounts or coupons are unavailable. Please check our sale page for the best deals. You can follow us on social media for updates about offers, new launches and sales.