Racket Flexibility

Flexible rackets are good for smash defence due to the longer bending moment of the shaft. It sends the shuttle to the back of the court with lesser force. This feels soft & comfortable for beginners still developing their technique. But this may feel slow and numb for advanced players. Players with good technique prefer rackets with stiffer shafts as it gives control & precision for tighter shots with a fast response.

Caution - Do not suddenly switch to the opposite type if you are used to playing with a flexible racket for years as it poses a risk of injury. Always opt for a gradual change.

Racket Build

Racket Material

Racket Weight

Racket Frame Type


Grips are the most easily customizable part of a racket. Most rackets come with a basic factory grip in standard size and material (PU). Racket specifications mention grip size. Based on your preference you can opt for an overgrip or replacement grip.

Tip - Experiment with different grip types to find the best one for you.


Strings are also a part that can be customized as per your choice. You can opt for pre-strung or customized stringing. Factory-strung rackets are strung at ≤ 20 lbs. Based on your playing style, you can opt for repulsion strings, durable or balanced.

Tip - Experiment with different string types only if you are an experienced player. If you are developing your technique and skills, opt for durable strings to avoid constant re-stringing.