Combat Z8 Badminton Racket
Combat Z8 Badminton Racket

Your Mega Attack Weapon

This racket is built with an extremely head-heavy frame to make your attacks offensive & lethal

Featured Product

Premium rackets that provide great control and accuracy for players developing skills and racket swing techniques

Technologies we use

High-Intensity Swings

Using the Aerotec Beam system, the racket head is built with an extremely low drag coefficient. This ensures faster swings with high intensity to optimize the players' performance in every shot

MPCF Material Reinforcement

Mesophase Pitch-based Carbon Fibre increases the racket's tensile strength and durability for long service life. This technology uses multi-layered carbon fibre to boost frame strength and enhance its intensity

Maximum Force Transmission

The high tensile slim shaft effectively balances rebound and anti-torsion movement with unique elastic material and craftwork to accurately transmit power & execute a powerful play